Northland Tactical will be happy to provide a custom course of instruction based upon a customer's particular needs, provided the following requirements are met:

  1. We have the required knowledge and experience to instruct a professional course on the desired topic.
  2. The desired class length is appropriate to meet expected goals.
  3. Sufficient lead time is given to develop a professional course of instruction on the desired topic.


Contact Northland Tactical for details on developing a custom course of instruction.


The following classes are open to the public:

  • Pistol:  Intro, Basic, Advanced
  • Carbine Rifle (AR Style): Intro, Basic, Advanced
  • Hunting Rifle:  Intro, Basic, Long Range

Classes for clubs or Women Only are available, please contact Northland Tactical for details.


At Northland Tactical we have experience teaching a wide variety of skills from beginners to professionals. In addition to our core classes listed below, we can custom develop a curriculum based upon a customer's needs.

Please contact Northland Tactical for details on hosting a class.

The following classes are available to Police and Military personnel:

  • Pistol:  Basic, Advanced
  • Patrol Rifle: Basic, Advanced
  • Designated Marksman:  Basic, Advanced, Instructor
  • Sniper:  Basic, Advanced, Instructor

Contact Northland Tactical to learn the benefits of hosting a class at your facility.