Northland Tactical is a federal licensed firearms dealer and SOT! We work with leading industry suppliers to get you what you need at a great price!  We offer a full line of the highest quality gear available on the market.

Please contact us to take care of all your firearm and NFA needs!

We are available for firearm or NFA transfers of purchases made out of state provided that all applicable state and federal laws are complied with.

We have the knowledge and training to perform Armorer maintenance on your firearm to keep it working like new!  Whether you need a part replaced, are upgrading to an aftermarket trigger on your pistol, or want a new barrel on your AR-15, Northland Tactical can do it right the first time.

We are Armorer trained on the AR-15 system, as well as most common semi-automatic pistols.

Northland Tactical will also mount scopes and install scope rails or bases.

While serving as a Sniper Team Leader, Northland Tactical's owner desired to outfit the team with quality gear to fill specific needs. Several of these needs were not met by products on the market, so he decided that Northland Tactical could produce high quality gear to support the mission.

Northland Tactical produces the following:

  • Equipment Vest:  A durable and adjustable MOLLE vest used to keep mission critical gear on the Sniper at all times.
  • Tripod Pouch:  Tripods should be required equipment for all operational Snipers. This is an easy to use pouch that will secure a tripod to a MOLLE equipped pack.
  • Suppressor Pouch:  Sized to fit a suppressor with cover.

Contact Northland Tactical to inquire about your custom gear needs!